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Welcome to the Breast Care Center of Florida

The Breast Care Center of Florida brings to Orlando a unique practice model that is available in only a few centers around the country. This concept is built around the ability to do diagnostic mammography, ultrasound or stereotactic guided breast biopsies, surgical scheduling, and breast cancer treatment recommendations concerning radiation and chemotherapy all within the initial office consultation. Perhaps even more remarkable, as reflected by overwhelming patient satisfaction, is the ability for a single physician to coordinate and direct all elements!

This practice concept has developed in response to the frustrations and delays that patients have experienced as there is often an 8-12 week time span from screening mammography to surgical services. This process frequently requires multiple visits to an imaging center to get screening and diagnostic mammography, followed by an additional appointment needed for a biopsy. Then additional physician visits may be required to coordinate an appointment between a referring physician and a surgeon. Our goal at the Breast Care Center of Florida is to deliver these services in a single appointment, which ultimately translates into lessening the psychological burden that anyone faces knowing they have an abnormal mammogram or a new breast mass.

Carrying the diagnosis of breast cancer can be quite a challenge, yet we believe that some of the best coping mechanisms are education and discussion. Each consultation at our Center will include a session with Dr. Kemp in which breast models, diagrams, and individualized pictures are drawn explaining oneís type of breast cancer, location, extent, surgical recommendation, as well as discussion about treatments that may be required after surgery. Additionally, we pride ourselves in approaching every person with the goal of sparing the breast, even though we know that occasionally, complete breast removal (mastectomy) will be necessary, as well as offering all the newest technology available to treat breast cancer. This technology includes genetic counseling and testing for breast cancer (BRCA1 and BRCA2), stratifying patients for breast cancer therapies based upon gene expression profiles, and assessing patients for the appropriateness of partial breast radiation. Our Center is also working to develop the nationís first integrated fertility preservation program for young women facing breast cancer treatment who are eager to have children in the future and working diligently to initiate protocols to study different imaging modalities to best detect breast cancer recurrence.

The diagnosis of cancer in oneís life is an overwhelming experience. However, our mission at the Breast Care Center of Florida is to practice individualized care and address both their physical and psychological needs, when faced with this challenge. We feel it is a privilege to serve central Florida as we try to eradicate this disease. We truly hope to be of service to each of you!

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